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    Booking tours
  • How do I book a tour?
  • It’s easy!

    When you have found your perfect tour on, you can easily book it. If you are already on the tour page, click the ‘Add to card’ button on the right-hand side.The ‘Add to card’ button will create a booking request to secure your seat.
    Or you can contact our customer care for any queries.
    Once you pay a tour, we will send you a confirmation email.

  • When do I pay?
  • Immediately after submitting your reservation, you will receive a confirmation email from us
    Accepted forms of payment: Credit Card, Bank Transfers, PayPal.
    Until UOpera receives full payment for your reservation, your seats will not be secured. Please make your complete payment as soon as possible so that we can confirm your seats for your reservation.

    Making Payments
  • Payments
  • UOpera accepts payment by Bank Transfers, debit cards and credit cards including  Visa, MasterCard, JCB, Maestro, Amex.

    In the payment system, payment security is ensured by the TLS protocol used when client’s confidential information is transferred to the payment system server. Subsequently data are transmitted via the highly secure closed banking networks.
    Processing of the client’s confidential data received in an encrypted form (card details, registration data, etc.) is carried out in the processing center.
    Thus, no one, not even the seller, can receive client’s personal and bank data, including information regarding purchases made in other stores.

  • How long in advance I must book and make full payment?
  • We recommend you to book your tour as soon as all of your travel dates are set. In this case we can secure the tour for you. Most of the tours are sold out pretty soon, ecpecially at the wekeend days and public holidays. Tours that may show availability online can easily become sold out soon.

    Tour Languages
  • What languages are your tours conducted in?
  • Our tours are typically conducted in: English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese. The available languages are always indicated on the tour page. If you would like to have any tour in a different languages, please email us before making your reservation.

    Our Destinations
  • Do you organize custom private guided tours?
  • It’s easy to customize your travel experience with us! Just contact to our managers and we’ll help you to choose the most exciting and adventurous highlights for your vacation!

  • How many and what destinations do you offer?
  • We offer more than 460 tours in more than 50 cities of Europe. Choose type of your tour and check your destination:

    Day trips

    Shore Excursion

    Multy-day tours

    Tip and Gratuity
  • Do I need to tip my guide?
  • At the end of your tour you may wish to express appreciation to your Guide for their excellent service and the personal attention you received. We recommend tipping to your Guide the equivalent of $7USD to $10USD per person per day if you’re on a group tour and $15-$25 per person if you’re on a private tour. If your guide is also an expert such as a naturalist or archaeologist expect to pay $10-$20 per person per day.

    Tips can only be paid in cash. 

    However, any tips to staff is optional on your mind.

  • Guide training
  • All UOpera guides are highly trained professionals with 6+ months of extensive training through specialized guiding schools. All our guides have passed exams and obtained their museum licenses. Additionally, all of our guides must complete continuing education courses to maintain these licenses. Nearly all UOpera guides are seasoned professionals who have worked in the tourism industry for many years, and they are excited to share their advanced knowledge with you.

    Photo and Video filming
  • Is photo or video filming allowed on tour?
  • Yes, photo and video filming is allowed in almost all the museums included in the tour itinerary. If photo or video is prohibited the guide will make a note about it in advance.

    What types of transport/vehicles are available?
  • Our vehicles
  • Transportation varies based on the number of guests, region and the type of tour. Small group tours tend to use comfortable vans or mini-buses, while larger groups require bigger buses. All our vehicles are equipped with regular cushioned seats and air conditioning.

    Changes and Cancellations
  • Refund and cancelations
  • If you need to cancel your tour, cancellation terms and conditions are applicable. All cancellation requests must be submitted to A no-show is considered as a cancellation without any refund. The additional cancellation fees generally depend upon how close to departure you cancel your tour.

    Cancellation fee depends on the cancellation date, as follows:
    1. More than 90 days before departure date – no cancellation fee.
    2. From 60 to 90 days before departure date – 10% of the tour price.
    3. From 30 to 59 days before departure date – 25% of the tour price.
    4. Less than 30 days before departure date – no refund (100% cancellation fee).

    In case of cancellation in less than 30 days before departure date we recommend you to let us know. We will do our best (but without any obligation) to cancel some parts of the tour package. In case of successfull cancellation, we will provide you partial refund.

  • Making changes to a reservation
  • To add a traveler, change the date, or make another adjustment contact us via email! In most cases, you can change your booking up to 48 hours before your activity.